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Electro-industrial is a musical outgrowth of the EBM and Post-industrial scene. It developed in the late 1980s and first half of the 1990s. Whereas EBM is straightforward in structure and clean production, electro-industrial became known for having a deep, layered and complex sound. This can be heard in many albums of this genre, such as Tactical Neural Implant by Front Line Assembly and Music for a Slaughtering Tribe by Wumpscut.

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Electro Industrial most popular artists.

Bug Funny Foundation YouTube
Bug Funny Foundation lyrics & songs
Psycho, Inc. YouTube
Psycho, Inc. lyrics & songs
☨HR33:ΔM YouTube
☨HR33:ΔM lyrics & songs
Assimilation YouTube
Assimilation lyrics & songs
Anticonformance YouTube
Anticonformance lyrics & songs
Psycho, inc YouTube
Psycho, inc lyrics & songs
Cyberdyne YouTube
Cyberdyne lyrics & songs
To-Bork RaM YouTube
To-Bork RaM lyrics & songs
Psyshark vs Silent Horror YouTube
Psyshark vs Silent Horror lyrics & songs
DUST OF BASMENT lyrics & songs
Doggone YouTube
Doggone lyrics & songs
cyberhood YouTube
cyberhood lyrics & songs
Soundplasma YouTube
Soundplasma lyrics & songs
Digitalgrab YouTube
Digitalgrab lyrics & songs
Mr. Jkub YouTube
Mr. Jkub lyrics & songs
LunaVeau YouTube
LunaVeau lyrics & songs
the neutron ego tape YouTube
the neutron ego tape lyrics & songs
Artifical Noize YouTube
Artifical Noize lyrics & songs
Metalonwood YouTube
Metalonwood lyrics & songs
Widerstandsnetzwerk YouTube
Widerstandsnetzwerk lyrics & songs
Malfunct YouTube
Malfunct lyrics & songs
Projktnine YouTube
Projktnine lyrics & songs
Pieces of Winter YouTube
Pieces of Winter lyrics & songs
The Alpha Child YouTube
The Alpha Child lyrics & songs
EISBERT lyrics & songs
|SMC| YouTube
|SMC| lyrics & songs
n.a.o.h. YouTube
n.a.o.h. lyrics & songs
BERZEFOADX lyrics & songs
Ariza YouTube
Ariza lyrics & songs
Project Starsign YouTube
Project Starsign lyrics & songs
This Crepuscular Hour YouTube
This Crepuscular Hour lyrics & songs
Jhonny Box YouTube
Jhonny Box lyrics & songs
ChaoS (HirnloS) YouTube
ChaoS (HirnloS) lyrics & songs
brainphreak YouTube
brainphreak lyrics & songs
Klockenhouzer YouTube
Klockenhouzer lyrics & songs
DJ NOCTER lyrics & songs
BASS WARS lyrics & songs
Feindflug - Hirnschlacht (Red Edition) YouTube
Feindflug - Hirnschlacht (Red Edition) lyrics & songs
Arc Maffick YouTube
Arc Maffick lyrics & songs
ØDark:3Ø YouTube
ØDark:3Ø lyrics & songs
S.C.E.L. YouTube
S.C.E.L. lyrics & songs
Cj Khaos A.D. YouTube
Cj Khaos A.D. lyrics & songs
Dark Drive Clinic YouTube
Dark Drive Clinic lyrics & songs
Die C.A.F-300 bpm YouTube
Die C.A.F-300 bpm lyrics & songs
Nikita Nils Petersson YouTube
Nikita Nils Petersson lyrics & songs
Dj Hastia YouTube
Dj Hastia lyrics & songs
Replicant101 YouTube
Replicant101 lyrics & songs
Funeral Wolf YouTube
Funeral Wolf lyrics & songs
There Is No Air To Breath YouTube
There Is No Air To Breath lyrics & songs
Industria Ex Machina YouTube
Industria Ex Machina lyrics & songs

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