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Van Risseghem is an emerging singer-songwriter from the Midwest. Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, his musical style exemplifies an upbeat commercial sound with a heartfelt, independent feel. Van's debut album, The Motions (2009), consisted of tracks composed in his home studio, playing most of the parts himself. In his sophomore outing, Passenger (2011), Van further refined his singular sound, resulting in his most mature work to date. At the age of twenty-three Van Risseghem is an up and coming artist who has been referred to in College News Magazine as delivering a "worthwhile message of keeping your head up" to his devoted listeners. As a yet unsigned commercial talent, Van Risseghem has experienced unprecedented exposure in a number of high-profile entertainment venues. The eponymous song the "The Motions" was literally heard around the world as the Delta Airlines boarding theme song. This song was also heard by those attending AMC and Cinemark theaters in 2009, courtesy of the theater chain's Cinemasounds pre-show feature. Another track from the album, "Love, Again", was featured prominently on Comedy Central's cult hit Tosh.0 and the NBC prime-time show The Voice. Van's music found its way into the public consciousness, from the Sonic Drive-in to the Barnes and Noble. Van's debut album caught a lot of attention both stateside and abroad, finding its largest European fan-base in Germany. In February of 2010 the album reached number one on Germany's Big.FM, reaching several million listeners. Johannes Strate of the popular German band Revolverheld chose Van Risseghem as a featured artist on the "Feels Like Home" European tour. The proceeds for his appearance on the tour were donated to Lukulule, a charity that promotes young musicians and dancers. This side of the pond, Van Risseghem has opened for such acts as Kris Allen, Rooney, Metro Station, and Cake. Van's second album, Passenger (2011) has already begun to generate its own buzz, as he was asked to be the featured entertainer for this year's NCAA Honor's Ceremony. Additionally, a song entitled "The River" can be heard in Brita's "Filter for Good Canada" commercial. Van Risseghem will be one to watch in the coming months as a rising, self- fashioned artist. His individual passion for his music has already found widespread approval in independent music circles. A recent article in Relevant Magazine has said, suggestive of his grass-roots style: "We know you'll enjoy the vivid, organic tones and heartfelt lyrics because we're not alone." Be sure to keep up with the music and appearances by Van Risseghem at his blog ( or friend him on Facebook. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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