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The waltz is a ballroom and folk dance in 3/4 time, performed primarily in closed position. The peasants of Bavaria, Tyrol, and Styria began dancing a dance called Walzer, a dance for couples, around 1750. The Lndler, also known as the Schleifer, a country dance in 3/4 time, was popular in Bohemia, Austria, and Bavaria, and spread from the countryside to the suburbs of the city. While the eighteenth century upper classes continued to dance the minuet, bored noblemen slipped away to the balls of their servants.

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Biography of the waltz singer being played.

Waltz most popular artists.

André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra YouTube
André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra lyrics & songs
Eugen Doga YouTube
Eugen Doga lyrics & songs
Seitkaliyev YouTube
Seitkaliyev lyrics & songs
Strato-Vani YouTube
Strato-Vani lyrics & songs
Tony Evans YouTube
Tony Evans lyrics & songs
Waldteufel, Emile YouTube
Waldteufel, Emile lyrics & songs
Strauss, Johann and Josef YouTube
Strauss, Johann and Josef lyrics & songs
Lehar, Franz YouTube
Lehar, Franz lyrics & songs
J Strauss II YouTube
J Strauss II lyrics & songs
Mehrdad Mehdi YouTube
Mehrdad Mehdi lyrics & songs
Polka Country Musicians YouTube
Polka Country Musicians lyrics & songs
Peter Guth: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra YouTube
Peter Guth: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra lyrics & songs
Ahti Lampi YouTube
Ahti Lampi lyrics & songs
Paul Eakins YouTube
Paul Eakins lyrics & songs
Tamarin YouTube
Tamarin lyrics & songs
The Propellers YouTube
The Propellers lyrics & songs
Sweetbird YouTube
Sweetbird lyrics & songs
Ветер времени YouTube
Ветер времени lyrics & songs
Men From Italy YouTube
Men From Italy lyrics & songs
Вальсы YouTube
Вальсы lyrics & songs
Shamalamacord YouTube
Shamalamacord lyrics & songs
Compilatie YouTube
Compilatie lyrics & songs
Tony Anderson String Orchestra YouTube
Tony Anderson String Orchestra lyrics & songs
Philipp Fahrbach YouTube
Philipp Fahrbach lyrics & songs
Robert Atwood YouTube
Robert Atwood lyrics & songs
One Dying Wish YouTube
One Dying Wish lyrics & songs
Ponybird YouTube
Ponybird lyrics & songs
Lang Lang [Artist] YouTube
Lang Lang [Artist] lyrics & songs
Mannequin Makeout YouTube
Mannequin Makeout lyrics & songs
Noah Barker YouTube
Noah Barker lyrics & songs
John R. Baca's Orchestra YouTube
John R. Baca's Orchestra lyrics & songs
Музыка для Бала YouTube
Музыка для Бала lyrics & songs
BARDAK lyrics & songs
Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France/Paavo Järvi YouTube
Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France/Paavo Järvi lyrics & songs
Helka Hynninen YouTube
Helka Hynninen lyrics & songs
Jared Kamrowski YouTube
Jared Kamrowski lyrics & songs
The Lolos YouTube
The Lolos lyrics & songs
Tommy Williams YouTube
Tommy Williams lyrics & songs
Mölli & Laoudis YouTube
Mölli & Laoudis lyrics & songs
Béla Sanders YouTube
Béla Sanders lyrics & songs
The Dead Hands YouTube
The Dead Hands lyrics & songs
Adrian Mihai YouTube
Adrian Mihai lyrics & songs
Rudy Giovannini & Strato-Vani YouTube
Rudy Giovannini & Strato-Vani lyrics & songs
Waldteufel, Émile YouTube
Waldteufel, Émile lyrics & songs
Man's an Idiot YouTube
Man's an Idiot lyrics & songs
Kettle Stitches YouTube
Kettle Stitches lyrics & songs
The Lollipop People YouTube
The Lollipop People lyrics & songs
Mango fan Django YouTube
Mango fan Django lyrics & songs
Glede YouTube
Glede lyrics & songs
Günter Noris & Gala Big Band YouTube
Günter Noris & Gala Big Band lyrics & songs

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