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The polka is a fast, lively Central European dance, and also a genre of dance music, familiar throughout Europe and the Americas. It originated in the middle of the 19th century in Bohemia, and is still a common genre in Czech and Slovakian folk music. Polka is still a very common folkmusic genre in Poland. In light classical music, many polkas were composed by both Johann Strauss I and his son Johann Strauss II.

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Biography of the polka singer being played.

Polka most popular artists.

Maffalda YouTube
Maffalda lyrics & songs
Brave Combo YouTube
Brave Combo lyrics & songs
Frankie Yankovic YouTube
Frankie Yankovic lyrics & songs
El Piporro YouTube
El Piporro lyrics & songs
Gorilla Rodeo! YouTube
Gorilla Rodeo! lyrics & songs
Hiss YouTube
Hiss lyrics & songs
Polkaholix YouTube
Polkaholix lyrics & songs
ZZZZ YouTube
ZZZZ lyrics & songs
Strato-Vani YouTube
Strato-Vani lyrics & songs
Fritz's Polka Band YouTube
Fritz's Polka Band lyrics & songs
Jimmy Sturr YouTube
Jimmy Sturr lyrics & songs
Myron Floren YouTube
Myron Floren lyrics & songs
Jolly and the Flytrap YouTube
Jolly and the Flytrap lyrics & songs
Beer And Polka YouTube
Beer And Polka lyrics & songs
Viljo Vesterinen YouTube
Viljo Vesterinen lyrics & songs
Polkahontas YouTube
Polkahontas lyrics & songs
Rachel Sumner YouTube
Rachel Sumner lyrics & songs
Trio Alpin YouTube
Trio Alpin lyrics & songs
Arttu Suuntala YouTube
Arttu Suuntala lyrics & songs
GeiWaidler YouTube
GeiWaidler lyrics & songs
Polkastra YouTube
Polkastra lyrics & songs
Frank Yankovic and His Yanks YouTube
Frank Yankovic and His Yanks lyrics & songs
Santiago Jimenez YouTube
Santiago Jimenez lyrics & songs
Lato z radiem YouTube
Lato z radiem lyrics & songs
Walter Ostanek YouTube
Walter Ostanek lyrics & songs
Polka Country Musicians YouTube
Polka Country Musicians lyrics & songs
The Polka Floyd Show YouTube
The Polka Floyd Show lyrics & songs
Six Fat Dutchmen YouTube
Six Fat Dutchmen lyrics & songs
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones YouTube
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones lyrics & songs
JOE PATEK'S ORCHESTRA lyrics & songs
Henri René YouTube
Henri René lyrics & songs
The Polkaholics YouTube
The Polkaholics lyrics & songs
Fede Graña & Los Prolijos YouTube
Fede Graña & Los Prolijos lyrics & songs
Dumpert Anthem YouTube
Dumpert Anthem lyrics & songs
Frankie Yankovic And His Yanks YouTube
Frankie Yankovic And His Yanks lyrics & songs
The Happy Schnapps Combo YouTube
The Happy Schnapps Combo lyrics & songs
Walt Solek YouTube
Walt Solek lyrics & songs
The Polka Band YouTube
The Polka Band lyrics & songs
Jesse Twain & the Mindless Mob YouTube
Jesse Twain & the Mindless Mob lyrics & songs
The Spy In The Mes YouTube
The Spy In The Mes lyrics & songs
Radio Salamandra YouTube
Radio Salamandra lyrics & songs
Dietmar Post & The German Sound YouTube
Dietmar Post & The German Sound lyrics & songs
Los Montañeses Del Alamo YouTube
Los Montañeses Del Alamo lyrics & songs
Eddie Blazonczyk YouTube
Eddie Blazonczyk lyrics & songs
Polka Family YouTube
Polka Family lyrics & songs
Polkacide YouTube
Polkacide lyrics & songs
The Two Halfs YouTube
The Two Halfs lyrics & songs
Whoopee John YouTube
Whoopee John lyrics & songs
Tuba! YouTube
Tuba! lyrics & songs
Poutrelles Fever YouTube
Poutrelles Fever lyrics & songs

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