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A parody , in contemporary usage, is a work created to mock, comment on, or poke fun at an original work, its subject, or author, by means of humorous or satiric imitation.

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Parody most popular artists.

Instalok YouTube
Instalok lyrics & songs
Boney neM YouTube
Boney neM lyrics & songs
嘉門達夫 YouTube
嘉門達夫 lyrics & songs
The Key of Awesome YouTube
The Key of Awesome lyrics & songs
Těžkej pokondr YouTube
Těžkej pokondr lyrics & songs
Ome Henk YouTube
Ome Henk lyrics & songs
LittleKuriboh YouTube
LittleKuriboh lyrics & songs
УСПЕШНАЯ ГРУППА lyrics & songs
Мурзилки International YouTube
Мурзилки International lyrics & songs
Cypis YouTube
Cypis lyrics & songs
Screen Team YouTube
Screen Team lyrics & songs
Il Pagante YouTube
Il Pagante lyrics & songs
Mark Douglas YouTube
Mark Douglas lyrics & songs
Кирилл Немоляев YouTube
Кирилл Немоляев lyrics & songs
The Moopets YouTube
The Moopets lyrics & songs
The Midnight Beast Feat. St£fan YouTube
The Midnight Beast Feat. St£fan lyrics & songs
Bermudu Divstūris YouTube
Bermudu Divstūris lyrics & songs
The Fools YouTube
The Fools lyrics & songs
The Warp Zone YouTube
The Warp Zone lyrics & songs
Tim Hawkins YouTube
Tim Hawkins lyrics & songs
Melonman YouTube
Melonman lyrics & songs
Bob Ricci YouTube
Bob Ricci lyrics & songs
Ryan Higa YouTube
Ryan Higa lyrics & songs
The Beatle Bronies YouTube
The Beatle Bronies lyrics & songs
Charlie Drake YouTube
Charlie Drake lyrics & songs
HuskyStarcraft YouTube
HuskyStarcraft lyrics & songs
Palette-Swap Ninja YouTube
Palette-Swap Ninja lyrics & songs
Pewdiepie & The Gregory Brothers YouTube
Pewdiepie & The Gregory Brothers lyrics & songs
Paul Baldhill YouTube
Paul Baldhill lyrics & songs
Friendship is Witchcraft YouTube
Friendship is Witchcraft lyrics & songs
CaptainSparklez YouTube
CaptainSparklez lyrics & songs
Bye & Rønning YouTube
Bye & Rønning lyrics & songs
SiPS YouTube
SiPS lyrics & songs
L'art pour l'art társulat YouTube
L'art pour l'art társulat lyrics & songs
ОСП-Студия YouTube
ОСП-Студия lyrics & songs
BGA YouTube
BGA lyrics & songs
Beethoven's Wig YouTube
Beethoven's Wig lyrics & songs
Slniečko YouTube
Slniečko lyrics & songs
Blink 1488 YouTube
Blink 1488 lyrics & songs
Put-In YouTube
Put-In lyrics & songs
University Of Glasgow Madrigirls YouTube
University Of Glasgow Madrigirls lyrics & songs
Константин Завалин YouTube
Константин Завалин lyrics & songs
Azucarillo Kings YouTube
Azucarillo Kings lyrics & songs
Devo Spice YouTube
Devo Spice lyrics & songs
GoRemy YouTube
GoRemy lyrics & songs
Братья Торч YouTube
Братья Торч lyrics & songs
Siv HD YouTube
Siv HD lyrics & songs
Steve Goodie YouTube
Steve Goodie lyrics & songs
Viva La Dirt League YouTube
Viva La Dirt League lyrics & songs
Sp4zie YouTube
Sp4zie lyrics & songs

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