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Yoik, Joik or juoiggus is a traditional Sami form of song. Originally, yoik referred to only one of several Sami singing styles, but in English the word is often used to refer to all types of traditional Sami singing. Its sound is comparable to the traditional chanting of some American Indian cultures.

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Joik most popular artists.

Duolva duottar YouTube
Duolva duottar lyrics & songs
torgeir vassvik YouTube
torgeir vassvik lyrics & songs
Johan Anders Bær YouTube
Johan Anders Bær lyrics & songs
Nils-Aslak Valkeapää YouTube
Nils-Aslak Valkeapää lyrics & songs
Bulat Gafarov YouTube
Bulat Gafarov lyrics & songs
Ára YouTube
Ára lyrics & songs
Orbina YouTube
Orbina lyrics & songs
Jon Henrik YouTube
Jon Henrik lyrics & songs
Sancuari YouTube
Sancuari lyrics & songs
Ande Somby YouTube
Ande Somby lyrics & songs
Berit M. Oskal YouTube
Berit M. Oskal lyrics & songs
Johan Sara Jr. YouTube
Johan Sara Jr. lyrics & songs
Johan Kitti YouTube
Johan Kitti lyrics & songs
jienat YouTube
jienat lyrics & songs
Nils-Aslak Valkeapää & Esa Kotilainen YouTube
Nils-Aslak Valkeapää & Esa Kotilainen lyrics & songs
Skáidi YouTube
Skáidi lyrics & songs
Boknakaran, Аnde Somby, Rosynka YouTube
Boknakaran, Аnde Somby, Rosynka lyrics & songs
Elle Márjá Eira YouTube
Elle Márjá Eira lyrics & songs
Marit Gaup Eira YouTube
Marit Gaup Eira lyrics & songs
Kai Somby YouTube
Kai Somby lyrics & songs
Per Hætta YouTube
Per Hætta lyrics & songs
Ingor Ántte Áilo Gaup YouTube
Ingor Ántte Áilo Gaup lyrics & songs
Áilloš YouTube
Áilloš lyrics & songs
Lars-Jonas Johansson YouTube
Lars-Jonas Johansson lyrics & songs
Samerna YouTube
Samerna lyrics & songs
Mattis Mathisen Gaup YouTube
Mattis Mathisen Gaup lyrics & songs
Ailu Gaup YouTube
Ailu Gaup lyrics & songs
Niiles-Jouni Aikio YouTube
Niiles-Jouni Aikio lyrics & songs
Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, Johan Anders Bær, Seppo Paakkunainen Og Esa Kotilainen YouTube
Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, Johan Anders Bær, Seppo Paakkunainen Og Esa Kotilainen lyrics & songs
Dairessang YouTube
Dairessang lyrics & songs
Shaman (Pre-Korpiklaani) YouTube
Shaman (Pre-Korpiklaani) lyrics & songs
Johan Sara Jr. Group YouTube
Johan Sara Jr. Group lyrics & songs
Trio Moivi YouTube
Trio Moivi lyrics & songs
The Spirit Children YouTube
The Spirit Children lyrics & songs
Global fever orchestra YouTube
Global fever orchestra lyrics & songs
Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa YouTube
Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa lyrics & songs
Vajas YouTube
Vajas lyrics & songs
Inga Juuso YouTube
Inga Juuso lyrics & songs
Adjágas YouTube
Adjágas lyrics & songs
Angelit YouTube
Angelit lyrics & songs
Girls of Angeli YouTube
Girls of Angeli lyrics & songs
Bárut - Inga Juuso YouTube
Bárut - Inga Juuso lyrics & songs
Berit Margrethe Oskal YouTube
Berit Margrethe Oskal lyrics & songs
Ulla Pirttijärvi YouTube
Ulla Pirttijärvi lyrics & songs
Intrigue YouTube
Intrigue lyrics & songs
Niko Valkeapää YouTube
Niko Valkeapää lyrics & songs
Sofia Jannok YouTube
Sofia Jannok lyrics & songs
rOlfFa YouTube
rOlfFa lyrics & songs
Máddji YouTube
Máddji lyrics & songs
Per Henderak Haetta YouTube
Per Henderak Haetta lyrics & songs

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