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Instrumental rock is a type of rock music which emphasizes musical instruments, and which features no or very little singing. Examples of instrumental rock can be found in practically every subgenre of rock, often from musicians who specialize in the style, like Buckethead, Chuck Berry, Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Shadows, Paul Gilbert, Jean Pierre Danel, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, Booker T and the MGs and The Champs.

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Instrumental Rock most popular artists.

Blues Saraceno YouTube
Blues Saraceno lyrics & songs
Nick Johnston YouTube
Nick Johnston lyrics & songs
The Acoustic Guitar Troubadours YouTube
The Acoustic Guitar Troubadours lyrics & songs
WWE & Jim Johnston YouTube
WWE & Jim Johnston lyrics & songs
Travis Larson Band YouTube
Travis Larson Band lyrics & songs
Wojciech Hoffmann YouTube
Wojciech Hoffmann lyrics & songs
Masahiro Aoki YouTube
Masahiro Aoki lyrics & songs
The Routers YouTube
The Routers lyrics & songs
Leslie Wai YouTube
Leslie Wai lyrics & songs
The Piano Maestros YouTube
The Piano Maestros lyrics & songs
NJPW YouTube
NJPW lyrics & songs
Jose De Castro YouTube
Jose De Castro lyrics & songs
The T-Bones YouTube
The T-Bones lyrics & songs
The Hawk YouTube
The Hawk lyrics & songs
Hal Lindes YouTube
Hal Lindes lyrics & songs
Satoshi Miyashita YouTube
Satoshi Miyashita lyrics & songs
awrenzas YouTube
awrenzas lyrics & songs - 2013 - The Wall Eater YouTube - 2013 - The Wall Eater lyrics & songs
John W. Andrews YouTube
John W. Andrews lyrics & songs
Jakub Borowski YouTube
Jakub Borowski lyrics & songs
Kemman YouTube
Kemman lyrics & songs
Danney Alkana YouTube
Danney Alkana lyrics & songs
Grim Shit YouTube
Grim Shit lyrics & songs
Ricky Furlani YouTube
Ricky Furlani lyrics & songs
Paulo Schroeber YouTube
Paulo Schroeber lyrics & songs
Andy Mackay YouTube
Andy Mackay lyrics & songs
Gustavo Guerra YouTube
Gustavo Guerra lyrics & songs
David Hines YouTube
David Hines lyrics & songs
Fobia Inc. YouTube
Fobia Inc. lyrics & songs
Ely Jaffe YouTube
Ely Jaffe lyrics & songs
Back to the future soundtrack YouTube
Back to the future soundtrack lyrics & songs
The Apaches YouTube
The Apaches lyrics & songs
Jeff Scheetz YouTube
Jeff Scheetz lyrics & songs
Tim Grif YouTube
Tim Grif lyrics & songs
The Quiets YouTube
The Quiets lyrics & songs
Electromix YouTube
Electromix lyrics & songs
d-suke YouTube
d-suke lyrics & songs
The Sacrifice Poles YouTube
The Sacrifice Poles lyrics & songs
Pastor Brad YouTube
Pastor Brad lyrics & songs
Ergin Altınel YouTube
Ergin Altınel lyrics & songs
DJ Primate YouTube
DJ Primate lyrics & songs
Buckethead, Travis Dickerson and Brain YouTube
Buckethead, Travis Dickerson and Brain lyrics & songs
Utamaru YouTube
Utamaru lyrics & songs
Todd Duane YouTube
Todd Duane lyrics & songs
Zanshin YouTube
Zanshin lyrics & songs
Blk YouTube
Blk lyrics & songs
The Denvermen YouTube
The Denvermen lyrics & songs
Synchaoz YouTube
Synchaoz lyrics & songs
康士坦的變化球 YouTube
康士坦的變化球 lyrics & songs
Steve Ford YouTube
Steve Ford lyrics & songs

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