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Pop hip pop is pop music with a little bit of an influenced style of hip hop that contains pop-influenced melodic hooks and pop influenced melodies. The style became popular in the early 1990s, as hip hop music found commercial success. Pop rappers such as Will Smith and MC Hammer were more radio-friendly than the explicit lyrics of gangsta rap such as Tupac or The Notorious B.I.G.

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Biography of the hip pop singer being played.

Hip Pop most popular artists.

Usher & Young Jeezy YouTube
Usher & Young Jeezy lyrics & songs
New Boyz Feat. Ray J YouTube
New Boyz Feat. Ray J lyrics & songs
НЕ ЗАМУЖЕМ lyrics & songs
Chocolate City YouTube
Chocolate City lyrics & songs
久保田利伸 meets KREVA YouTube
久保田利伸 meets KREVA lyrics & songs
Solør YouTube
Solør lyrics & songs
Don Gero YouTube
Don Gero lyrics & songs
United Jazzy YouTube
United Jazzy lyrics & songs
Soh YouTube
Soh lyrics & songs
ROB.B YouTube
ROB.B lyrics & songs
963 YouTube
963 lyrics & songs
Sindicato Anti Normalidad YouTube
Sindicato Anti Normalidad lyrics & songs
Siglashh YouTube
Siglashh lyrics & songs
HIGHDEAF lyrics & songs
SHY & DRS YouTube
SHY & DRS lyrics & songs
Mathew Gold YouTube
Mathew Gold lyrics & songs
Kaine Cioffie YouTube
Kaine Cioffie lyrics & songs
Tracey DeLara YouTube
Tracey DeLara lyrics & songs
Ludacris (Feat. Mary J Blige) YouTube
Ludacris (Feat. Mary J Blige) lyrics & songs
Ty Jilla YouTube
Ty Jilla lyrics & songs
Tommy Novik YouTube
Tommy Novik lyrics & songs
The Hall of Famers YouTube
The Hall of Famers lyrics & songs
Lil Eizzy YouTube
Lil Eizzy lyrics & songs
DJ C-PO YouTube
DJ C-PO lyrics & songs
Vijay Raju YouTube
Vijay Raju lyrics & songs
JG (jelaneegooding) YouTube
JG (jelaneegooding) lyrics & songs
A.B(2012) YouTube
A.B(2012) lyrics & songs
Degenerate Nation YouTube
Degenerate Nation lyrics & songs
Mariko Nagai YouTube
Mariko Nagai lyrics & songs
Olly Murs feat Flo Rida YouTube
Olly Murs feat Flo Rida lyrics & songs
Pitbull Feat Christina Aguilera YouTube
Pitbull Feat Christina Aguilera lyrics & songs
Jennifer Lopez feat Pitbull YouTube
Jennifer Lopez feat Pitbull lyrics & songs
Solomon YouTube
Solomon lyrics & songs
Elitenment YouTube
Elitenment lyrics & songs
Homer Simpson ft. DeejayColors YouTube
Homer Simpson ft. DeejayColors lyrics & songs
Apache Chief YouTube
Apache Chief lyrics & songs
Bajale al Magenta YouTube
Bajale al Magenta lyrics & songs
Los Kardenales YouTube
Los Kardenales lyrics & songs
Heartphones YouTube
Heartphones lyrics & songs
Psychedelica YouTube
Psychedelica lyrics & songs
Fame Avenue YouTube
Fame Avenue lyrics & songs
Sex Ray Vision YouTube
Sex Ray Vision lyrics & songs
Xcese YouTube
Xcese lyrics & songs
泳儿 YouTube
泳儿 lyrics & songs
ビーナスムース YouTube
ビーナスムース lyrics & songs
ハロプロエッグ YouTube
ハロプロエッグ lyrics & songs
Cathedrals YouTube
Cathedrals lyrics & songs
공민지 YouTube
공민지 lyrics & songs
Dgenerate Nation YouTube
Dgenerate Nation lyrics & songs
Facto Delafe y las flores azules YouTube
Facto Delafe y las flores azules lyrics & songs

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