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Gypsy punk is the term used to describe a hybrid musical genre that crosses traditional Roma music with punk rock and other brands of rebel music. The term first was coined by musician Eugene Htz, when describing his band Gogol Bordello, to the New York City weekly newspaper The Village Voice.

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Gypsy Punk most popular artists.

Gogol Bordello YouTube
Gogol Bordello lyrics & songs
Kultur Shock YouTube
Kultur Shock lyrics & songs
J.U.F. YouTube
J.U.F. lyrics & songs
Dr. Nelle Karajlic YouTube
Dr. Nelle Karajlic lyrics & songs
Gogol Bordello vs. Tamir Muskat YouTube
Gogol Bordello vs. Tamir Muskat lyrics & songs
Sticks & Stones YouTube
Sticks & Stones lyrics & songs
Çâåðè YouTube
Çâåðè lyrics & songs
Jimmy YouTube
Jimmy lyrics & songs
Jabul Gorba YouTube
Jabul Gorba lyrics & songs
The Woohoo Revue YouTube
The Woohoo Revue lyrics & songs
Japonize Elephants YouTube
Japonize Elephants lyrics & songs
Le Skeleton Band YouTube
Le Skeleton Band lyrics & songs
Dolomites YouTube
Dolomites lyrics & songs
Tintamare YouTube
Tintamare lyrics & songs
Drunken Balordi YouTube
Drunken Balordi lyrics & songs
Dirty Kid Discount YouTube
Dirty Kid Discount lyrics & songs
Vagabond Swing YouTube
Vagabond Swing lyrics & songs
Chicholina Sound Machine YouTube
Chicholina Sound Machine lyrics & songs
S-kapada YouTube
S-kapada lyrics & songs
ZE FISH Orchestra YouTube
ZE FISH Orchestra lyrics & songs
Alkistis Protopsalti & Goran Bregović YouTube
Alkistis Protopsalti & Goran Bregović lyrics & songs
Buddhist Meditation YouTube
Buddhist Meditation lyrics & songs
Eugene Hutz YouTube
Eugene Hutz lyrics & songs
The Ditchrunners YouTube
The Ditchrunners lyrics & songs
Capitão Rodrigo YouTube
Capitão Rodrigo lyrics & songs
Dostoevsky's Pistols YouTube
Dostoevsky's Pistols lyrics & songs
Bad buka YouTube
Bad buka lyrics & songs
Fishgutzzz & His Ignorant Band YouTube
Fishgutzzz & His Ignorant Band lyrics & songs
The Scurvy Pirates YouTube
The Scurvy Pirates lyrics & songs
Mad Meg YouTube
Mad Meg lyrics & songs
Ljubliana & The Seawolf YouTube
Ljubliana & The Seawolf lyrics & songs
Emir kosturica YouTube
Emir kosturica lyrics & songs
JUMPLE lyrics & songs
The Brandy Thieves YouTube
The Brandy Thieves lyrics & songs
The Filthy Spectacula YouTube
The Filthy Spectacula lyrics & songs
Sylvana Joyce & the Moment YouTube
Sylvana Joyce & the Moment lyrics & songs
Jüdisch-Ukrainische Freundschaft YouTube
Jüdisch-Ukrainische Freundschaft lyrics & songs
Skinny Pigeons YouTube
Skinny Pigeons lyrics & songs
Delirius Trement YouTube
Delirius Trement lyrics & songs
Emir Kustarica YouTube
Emir Kustarica lyrics & songs
Труба дуры YouTube
Труба дуры lyrics & songs
Long Finger Bandits YouTube
Long Finger Bandits lyrics & songs
Vandora YouTube
Vandora lyrics & songs
Fruits & Veggies YouTube
Fruits & Veggies lyrics & songs
The Hallowd Ground YouTube
The Hallowd Ground lyrics & songs
ИзумRUд YouTube
ИзумRUд lyrics & songs
Golgo Bordello YouTube
Golgo Bordello lyrics & songs
Frl. Böllberg YouTube
Frl. Böllberg lyrics & songs
Gogol Bordello & The Gypsy Punks YouTube
Gogol Bordello & The Gypsy Punks lyrics & songs
Balkanizacija YouTube
Balkanizacija lyrics & songs

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