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The Gaita is the name of a Venezuelan folk music from Maracaibo, Zulia state. According to Joan Corominas, it may come from gaits, the Gothic word for goat, the skin generally used for the membrane of the furro.

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Biography of the gaita singer being played.

Gaita most popular artists.

Gran Coquivacoa YouTube
Gran Coquivacoa lyrics & songs
The Pipes & Drums of Leanisch YouTube
The Pipes & Drums of Leanisch lyrics & songs
Anxo Lorenzo YouTube
Anxo Lorenzo lyrics & songs
Rincon Morales YouTube
Rincon Morales lyrics & songs
Cardenales del éxito YouTube
Cardenales del éxito lyrics & songs
José Mendes YouTube
José Mendes lyrics & songs
Mákina Kandela YouTube
Mákina Kandela lyrics & songs
Ricardo Aguirre YouTube
Ricardo Aguirre lyrics & songs
Astolfo Romero YouTube
Astolfo Romero lyrics & songs
Rincón Morales YouTube
Rincón Morales lyrics & songs
VHG YouTube
VHG lyrics & songs
Brañas Folk YouTube
Brañas Folk lyrics & songs
Betulio Medina YouTube
Betulio Medina lyrics & songs
Roberto Junquera YouTube
Roberto Junquera lyrics & songs
Flávio Lima YouTube
Flávio Lima lyrics & songs
Spiritu 986 YouTube
Spiritu 986 lyrics & songs
Los Chiquinquireños YouTube
Los Chiquinquireños lyrics & songs
Titani YouTube
Titani lyrics & songs
Os D'abaixo YouTube
Os D'abaixo lyrics & songs
Xavier Blanco YouTube
Xavier Blanco lyrics & songs
Banda de Gaitas de Samos YouTube
Banda de Gaitas de Samos lyrics & songs
Carlos Nъсez YouTube
Carlos Nъсez lyrics & songs
Gaitas y tambores de San Jacinto YouTube
Gaitas y tambores de San Jacinto lyrics & songs
Banda de Gaitas Xarabal YouTube
Banda de Gaitas Xarabal lyrics & songs
Vitor Lopes YouTube
Vitor Lopes lyrics & songs
Brincadeira YouTube
Brincadeira lyrics & songs
Ricardo Portela YouTube
Ricardo Portela lyrics & songs
Banda de Gaitas do Caurel YouTube
Banda de Gaitas do Caurel lyrics & songs
Augusto Diniz YouTube
Augusto Diniz lyrics & songs
Pedro Barrôso YouTube
Pedro Barrôso lyrics & songs
Chuva a Granel YouTube
Chuva a Granel lyrics & songs
BellónMaceiras YouTube
BellónMaceiras lyrics & songs
Destello Zuliano YouTube
Destello Zuliano lyrics & songs
Henrique Otero YouTube
Henrique Otero lyrics & songs
Manuel Dopazo YouTube
Manuel Dopazo lyrics & songs
Os Dezas De Moneixas YouTube
Os Dezas De Moneixas lyrics & songs
The Silk Road Ensemble; Yo-Yo Ma YouTube
The Silk Road Ensemble; Yo-Yo Ma lyrics & songs
Cantigas e Flores YouTube
Cantigas e Flores lyrics & songs
Jimmy Rogers; Keith Richards; Mick Jagger YouTube
Jimmy Rogers; Keith Richards; Mick Jagger lyrics & songs
Los Monfortinos YouTube
Los Monfortinos lyrics & songs
juanjo fernández YouTube
juanjo fernández lyrics & songs
Charanga Mozos e Vellos YouTube
Charanga Mozos e Vellos lyrics & songs
Os hionenses YouTube
Os hionenses lyrics & songs
Eric Clapton; Jimmy Rogers YouTube
Eric Clapton; Jimmy Rogers lyrics & songs
Edu Moraes YouTube
Edu Moraes lyrics & songs
Gaiteiros Treixadura YouTube
Gaiteiros Treixadura lyrics & songs
Jean Pierre Van Hees YouTube
Jean Pierre Van Hees lyrics & songs
Jimmy Rogers; Stephen Stills YouTube
Jimmy Rogers; Stephen Stills lyrics & songs
Jimmy Rogers; Taj Mahal YouTube
Jimmy Rogers; Taj Mahal lyrics & songs
Itajaíba Mattana YouTube
Itajaíba Mattana lyrics & songs

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