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Frevo describes is a wide range of musical styles originating from Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, all of which are traditionally associated with Brazilian Carnival. The word frevo is said to come from frever, a misspeaking of the Portuguese word ferver (to boil).

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Frevo most popular artists.

Spok Frevo Orquestra YouTube
Spok Frevo Orquestra lyrics & songs
Silvério Pessoa YouTube
Silvério Pessoa lyrics & songs
Banda De Pau E Corda YouTube
Banda De Pau E Corda lyrics & songs
Orquestra Popular da Bomba do Hemetério YouTube
Orquestra Popular da Bomba do Hemetério lyrics & songs
Flaira YouTube
Flaira lyrics & songs
Tim Rescala YouTube
Tim Rescala lyrics & songs
Romero Ferro YouTube
Romero Ferro lyrics & songs
Almir Rouche YouTube
Almir Rouche lyrics & songs
Fred Andrade YouTube
Fred Andrade lyrics & songs
João Cavalcanti YouTube
João Cavalcanti lyrics & songs
Bloco Da Saudade YouTube
Bloco Da Saudade lyrics & songs
Claudionor Germano YouTube
Claudionor Germano lyrics & songs
Banda Nova YouTube
Banda Nova lyrics & songs
Flor de Cactus YouTube
Flor de Cactus lyrics & songs
Amanajé YouTube
Amanajé lyrics & songs
Orquestra Frevo Diabo YouTube
Orquestra Frevo Diabo lyrics & songs
Isaar de França YouTube
Isaar de França lyrics & songs
Luciano Magno YouTube
Luciano Magno lyrics & songs
Castro Barbosa YouTube
Castro Barbosa lyrics & songs
Conrado Pera YouTube
Conrado Pera lyrics & songs
Trio Elétrico Tapajós YouTube
Trio Elétrico Tapajós lyrics & songs
Letícia Tuí YouTube
Letícia Tuí lyrics & songs
Orquestra 1º de Novembro YouTube
Orquestra 1º de Novembro lyrics & songs
Capiba YouTube
Capiba lyrics & songs
Roberto Stepheson YouTube
Roberto Stepheson lyrics & songs
Antônio José Madureira YouTube
Antônio José Madureira lyrics & songs
Nelson Ferreira YouTube
Nelson Ferreira lyrics & songs
Bat Makumba YouTube
Bat Makumba lyrics & songs
Os_Havaianos_ YouTube
Os_Havaianos_ lyrics & songs
Trio Elétrico Dodô & Osmar YouTube
Trio Elétrico Dodô & Osmar lyrics & songs
Tony Martins YouTube
Tony Martins lyrics & songs
Imagens Quartet YouTube
Imagens Quartet lyrics & songs
Ednaldo Queiroz YouTube
Ednaldo Queiroz lyrics & songs
Maestro Duda & Orquestra YouTube
Maestro Duda & Orquestra lyrics & songs
Pochyua E Cambaçu YouTube
Pochyua E Cambaçu lyrics & songs
nico e marco YouTube
nico e marco lyrics & songs
Quinteto Tim Rescala YouTube
Quinteto Tim Rescala lyrics & songs
Ademir Araújo YouTube
Ademir Araújo lyrics & songs
Sanatório Geral YouTube
Sanatório Geral lyrics & songs
Saramandaia YouTube
Saramandaia lyrics & songs
HeribertoPorto YouTube
HeribertoPorto lyrics & songs
Araticum YouTube
Araticum lyrics & songs
Don Tronxo YouTube
Don Tronxo lyrics & songs
Celia Malheiros YouTube
Celia Malheiros lyrics & songs
josé meneses e sua orquestra YouTube
josé meneses e sua orquestra lyrics & songs
Levino Ferreira YouTube
Levino Ferreira lyrics & songs
Banda do Grêmio Musical Henrique Dias YouTube
Banda do Grêmio Musical Henrique Dias lyrics & songs
Exalta Rei! YouTube
Exalta Rei! lyrics & songs
Atroça YouTube
Atroça lyrics & songs
Alceu Valença & Elba Ramalho & Geraldo Azevedo & Zé Ramalho YouTube
Alceu Valença & Elba Ramalho & Geraldo Azevedo & Zé Ramalho lyrics & songs

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