Electronic Dance Music

Electronic dance music, also commonly abbreviated as EDM, is electronic music that is produced primarily for the purposes of use within a nightclub setting or in an environment that is centered upon dance based entertainment. The music is largely created for use by disc jockeys and is produced with the intention of it being heard in the context of a continuous DJ set; wherein the DJ progresses from one record to the next via a synchronized segue.

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Biography of the electronic dance singer being played.

Electronic Dance most popular artists.

El Tigr3 YouTube
El Tigr3 lyrics & songs
Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody Van Eyden With Tiff Lacey YouTube
Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody Van Eyden With Tiff Lacey lyrics & songs
Mico C YouTube
Mico C lyrics & songs
Part-Time Heroes YouTube
Part-Time Heroes lyrics & songs
Kevin Mikal YouTube
Kevin Mikal lyrics & songs
Girls Only YouTube
Girls Only lyrics & songs
Cary Nokey YouTube
Cary Nokey lyrics & songs
Alex Gaudino feat. Nicole Scherzinger YouTube
Alex Gaudino feat. Nicole Scherzinger lyrics & songs
Jordi MB feat. Eimy Sue YouTube
Jordi MB feat. Eimy Sue lyrics & songs
Haruomi Hosono (細野晴臣) YouTube
Haruomi Hosono (細野晴臣) lyrics & songs
Rakesh Pandit YouTube
Rakesh Pandit lyrics & songs
FractalFungi YouTube
FractalFungi lyrics & songs
Dj Red Star YouTube
Dj Red Star lyrics & songs
DJ KB YouTube
DJ KB lyrics & songs
DJ Кореец YouTube
DJ Кореец lyrics & songs
Sandro Escobar & DJ Rich-Art YouTube
Sandro Escobar & DJ Rich-Art lyrics & songs
Nerd Music YouTube
Nerd Music lyrics & songs
Doc Havock YouTube
Doc Havock lyrics & songs
Mark Castle YouTube
Mark Castle lyrics & songs
N1nestein YouTube
N1nestein lyrics & songs
DJ Smash & Vengerov & Bobina feat. Matua & Averin & Kravets YouTube
DJ Smash & Vengerov & Bobina feat. Matua & Averin & Kravets lyrics & songs
Hardcharger vs. Aurora & Toxic feat. Elaine Winter YouTube
Hardcharger vs. Aurora & Toxic feat. Elaine Winter lyrics & songs
.Api YouTube
.Api lyrics & songs
Vugarixx YouTube
Vugarixx lyrics & songs
TrickyTrackz YouTube
TrickyTrackz lyrics & songs
Ted's Living Room YouTube
Ted's Living Room lyrics & songs
Nick Hanna YouTube
Nick Hanna lyrics & songs
Stormfall YouTube
Stormfall lyrics & songs
Aviron, Eniak YouTube
Aviron, Eniak lyrics & songs
deep_dish (sharam) YouTube
deep_dish (sharam) lyrics & songs
DJ K-B YouTube
DJ K-B lyrics & songs
Sammara YouTube
Sammara lyrics & songs
Freackxy YouTube
Freackxy lyrics & songs
plain stations YouTube
plain stations lyrics & songs
Fun(K)House YouTube
Fun(K)House lyrics & songs
Musik & Noiz YouTube
Musik & Noiz lyrics & songs
DoctorNuriel YouTube
DoctorNuriel lyrics & songs
Digital Soldier YouTube
Digital Soldier lyrics & songs
DbryJ Music YouTube
DbryJ Music lyrics & songs
xobeat YouTube
xobeat lyrics & songs
FlightPattern - Grant Boutin YouTube
FlightPattern - Grant Boutin lyrics & songs
DJ Oetzi - Wie ein Komet YouTube
DJ Oetzi - Wie ein Komet lyrics & songs
Charles Fullwood YouTube
Charles Fullwood lyrics & songs
Moloko - [EMG] YouTube
Moloko - [EMG] lyrics & songs
Westbam and The Love Commitee YouTube
Westbam and The Love Commitee lyrics & songs
Ke$ha & Taio Cruz YouTube
Ke$ha & Taio Cruz lyrics & songs
Owlle Only YouTube
Owlle Only lyrics & songs
Mothers Against Noise YouTube
Mothers Against Noise lyrics & songs
Flightpattern YouTube
Flightpattern lyrics & songs
Julian Bachlow YouTube
Julian Bachlow lyrics & songs

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