Dark Industrial Music

Dark industrial is the marriage of dark ambient and industrial. Much like dark ambient, the style is a minimalist soundscape. What separates dark ambient from dark industrial is the harshness. The droning and distorted samples of dark ambient are replaced by waves of static and eerie melodies.

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Dark Industrial most popular artists.

Anaesth YouTube
Anaesth lyrics & songs
Nikolay Krivin YouTube
Nikolay Krivin lyrics & songs
Blood Omen YouTube
Blood Omen lyrics & songs
Commodore YouTube
Commodore lyrics & songs
VE IL YouTube
VE IL lyrics & songs
Implore Animosity YouTube
Implore Animosity lyrics & songs
The Last Influence Of Brain YouTube
The Last Influence Of Brain lyrics & songs
B.Brain YouTube
B.Brain lyrics & songs
Coph Nia/Mindspawn YouTube
Coph Nia/Mindspawn lyrics & songs
Dwole YouTube
Dwole lyrics & songs
In Slaughter Native YouTube
In Slaughter Native lyrics & songs
Smrt i Cekic YouTube
Smrt i Cekic lyrics & songs
Kenji Siratori feat. Tardive Dyskinesia YouTube
Kenji Siratori feat. Tardive Dyskinesia lyrics & songs
Ambient Chaos YouTube
Ambient Chaos lyrics & songs
The Fallen Rag YouTube
The Fallen Rag lyrics & songs
Malfunct YouTube
Malfunct lyrics & songs
Dogstar Communications YouTube
Dogstar Communications lyrics & songs
0 (null) YouTube
0 (null) lyrics & songs
Festung Kronstadt YouTube
Festung Kronstadt lyrics & songs
Morbid Sea YouTube
Morbid Sea lyrics & songs
Jesvom YouTube
Jesvom lyrics & songs
Dark House Mafia YouTube
Dark House Mafia lyrics & songs
A Industrya e Rodrigo Helfenstein YouTube
A Industrya e Rodrigo Helfenstein lyrics & songs
brainphreak YouTube
brainphreak lyrics & songs
Zspyne YouTube
Zspyne lyrics & songs
Kitten Patrol YouTube
Kitten Patrol lyrics & songs
Mar delle Blatte YouTube
Mar delle Blatte lyrics & songs
FILTHSKIN lyrics & songs
Draemgate YouTube
Draemgate lyrics & songs
DJ NOCTER lyrics & songs
Rust on the Ax YouTube
Rust on the Ax lyrics & songs
Montage Op Lokatie YouTube
Montage Op Lokatie lyrics & songs
Hematosis YouTube
Hematosis lyrics & songs
Arrkon YouTube
Arrkon lyrics & songs
Reformed Faction Of Soviet France, The YouTube
Reformed Faction Of Soviet France, The lyrics & songs
Atra Litania YouTube
Atra Litania lyrics & songs
Communist Warrior YouTube
Communist Warrior lyrics & songs
Vashar YouTube
Vashar lyrics & songs
Profundo Tormento YouTube
Profundo Tormento lyrics & songs
Nênia Em Plena Nocti YouTube
Nênia Em Plena Nocti lyrics & songs
Sumo Concílio YouTube
Sumo Concílio lyrics & songs
Mysterious Amber YouTube
Mysterious Amber lyrics & songs
Child of Hatred YouTube
Child of Hatred lyrics & songs
Aquatic Suicide YouTube
Aquatic Suicide lyrics & songs
DG 80KHz YouTube
DG 80KHz lyrics & songs
Enigma Eden YouTube
Enigma Eden lyrics & songs
Yanvarsky Vlad YouTube
Yanvarsky Vlad lyrics & songs
Cadaver Scalp YouTube
Cadaver Scalp lyrics & songs
Cold Meat Industry ( VA ) YouTube
Cold Meat Industry ( VA ) lyrics & songs

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