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Comedy rock is a term used to describe rock music that is mixed with satire or other forms of comedy. This tradition can be traced back to the earliest days of rock and roll itself, the most notable early examples being Stan Freberg who lampooned artists such as Elvis Presley and The Platters, and Sheb Wooley whose Purple People Eater hit #1 on the Billboard pop charts in 1958 and stayed there 6 weeks.

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Comedy Rock most popular artists.

Toby Turner & Tobuscus YouTube
Toby Turner & Tobuscus lyrics & songs
Valentin Strykalo YouTube
Valentin Strykalo lyrics & songs
Pure-X YouTube
Pure-X lyrics & songs
the kuguars YouTube
the kuguars lyrics & songs
The DiCamillo Sisters YouTube
The DiCamillo Sisters lyrics & songs
Юрий Гальцев YouTube
Юрий Гальцев lyrics & songs
Variety Picnic YouTube
Variety Picnic lyrics & songs
Vlada i Gile YouTube
Vlada i Gile lyrics & songs
Signposted Disaster YouTube
Signposted Disaster lyrics & songs
The Fabulous YouTube
The Fabulous lyrics & songs
Tex Lecor YouTube
Tex Lecor lyrics & songs
Rambo Amadeus & Mutant Dance Sextet YouTube
Rambo Amadeus & Mutant Dance Sextet lyrics & songs
Dechangeman YouTube
Dechangeman lyrics & songs
Pinky Tuscadero's Whiteknuckle Assfuck YouTube
Pinky Tuscadero's Whiteknuckle Assfuck lyrics & songs
David Yontz YouTube
David Yontz lyrics & songs
Das Eddie Stuhl Projekt YouTube
Das Eddie Stuhl Projekt lyrics & songs
timohi YouTube
timohi lyrics & songs
Mike Bauer YouTube
Mike Bauer lyrics & songs
Vincisgrassi YouTube
Vincisgrassi lyrics & songs
The Hotz YouTube
The Hotz lyrics & songs
Criswell YouTube
Criswell lyrics & songs
Ticklesack YouTube
Ticklesack lyrics & songs
Venga Monjas YouTube
Venga Monjas lyrics & songs
旺财乐队 YouTube
旺财乐队 lyrics & songs
Extravagatron YouTube
Extravagatron lyrics & songs
Ponadczasowy Projekt Muzyki Spozywczej YouTube
Ponadczasowy Projekt Muzyki Spozywczej lyrics & songs
Auspuh YouTube
Auspuh lyrics & songs
Es un árbol YouTube
Es un árbol lyrics & songs
Kailpost YouTube
Kailpost lyrics & songs
Flaming Humidifier Teabag From Hell YouTube
Flaming Humidifier Teabag From Hell lyrics & songs
The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs YouTube
The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs lyrics & songs
旺财 YouTube
旺财 lyrics & songs
thatchers YouTube
thatchers lyrics & songs
Paši Pēdējie Romantiķi YouTube
Paši Pēdējie Romantiķi lyrics & songs
Dkla YouTube
Dkla lyrics & songs
Siedziba Marzeń YouTube
Siedziba Marzeń lyrics & songs
TurtleFurr YouTube
TurtleFurr lyrics & songs
Joshua Grosvent YouTube
Joshua Grosvent lyrics & songs
Rasmus Kling Trio YouTube
Rasmus Kling Trio lyrics & songs
Chupakabrus Nonconformisto YouTube
Chupakabrus Nonconformisto lyrics & songs
Криль YouTube
Криль lyrics & songs
Andy Rehfeld YouTube
Andy Rehfeld lyrics & songs
Xtreme Badasses YouTube
Xtreme Badasses lyrics & songs
Sdroncocobus YouTube
Sdroncocobus lyrics & songs
Обиженная нога YouTube
Обиженная нога lyrics & songs
Аерошпек YouTube
Аерошпек lyrics & songs
Stifler's Mom YouTube
Stifler's Mom lyrics & songs
William Howard Taff YouTube
William Howard Taff lyrics & songs
РГД YouTube
РГД lyrics & songs
Liquid Plumber YouTube
Liquid Plumber lyrics & songs

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