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is an african-influenced musical rhythm that originated in northern Brazil. Coco may also refer to the style of dance performed to the music, a kind of stomping. The name Coco comes from the brazilian word for head, cabea, because song lyrics are often improvised. Coco is often performed with a repetitive musical beat and call and response singing reminsiscent of Capoeira music. The music is commonly performed at traditional parties in the northeast, such as weekend street parties and Carnival.

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Coco most popular artists.

Samba De Coco Raízes De Arcoverde YouTube
Samba De Coco Raízes De Arcoverde lyrics & songs
Depeche Mode The Cure U2 NIN YouTube
Depeche Mode The Cure U2 NIN lyrics & songs
Blady YouTube
Blady lyrics & songs
Dona Selma do Coco YouTube
Dona Selma do Coco lyrics & songs
Mestre Salustiano YouTube
Mestre Salustiano lyrics & songs
Pickin' On Zeppelin YouTube
Pickin' On Zeppelin lyrics & songs
Grupo Bongar YouTube
Grupo Bongar lyrics & songs
Depeche Mode Tribute YouTube
Depeche Mode Tribute lyrics & songs
Maciel Salú e o Terno do Terreiro YouTube
Maciel Salú e o Terno do Terreiro lyrics & songs
Bongar YouTube
Bongar lyrics & songs
Cila Do Coco E Seus Pupilos YouTube
Cila Do Coco E Seus Pupilos lyrics & songs
Juraildes da Cruz YouTube
Juraildes da Cruz lyrics & songs
Pandeiro do Mestre YouTube
Pandeiro do Mestre lyrics & songs
羽田恵理香 YouTube
羽田恵理香 lyrics & songs
Radiola Serra Alta YouTube
Radiola Serra Alta lyrics & songs
Biliu de Campina YouTube
Biliu de Campina lyrics & songs
Jacinto Silva YouTube
Jacinto Silva lyrics & songs
Combo X YouTube
Combo X lyrics & songs
Luiz Vieira YouTube
Luiz Vieira lyrics & songs
General Junkie YouTube
General Junkie lyrics & songs
Manezinho Araújo YouTube
Manezinho Araújo lyrics & songs
Conrado Pera YouTube
Conrado Pera lyrics & songs
Cheryl Baker YouTube
Cheryl Baker lyrics & songs
Dona Glorinha do Coco YouTube
Dona Glorinha do Coco lyrics & songs
Herbert Lucena YouTube
Herbert Lucena lyrics & songs
Deka Dred YouTube
Deka Dred lyrics & songs
Qntal - Deine Lakaien YouTube
Qntal - Deine Lakaien lyrics & songs
Babilak Bah YouTube
Babilak Bah lyrics & songs
Jackson do Pandeiro e Alceu Valença YouTube
Jackson do Pandeiro e Alceu Valença lyrics & songs
Quaderna YouTube
Quaderna lyrics & songs
Ana Diniz YouTube
Ana Diniz lyrics & songs
Vorkriegsjugend - Widerstand dem Teutonenland [EP] YouTube
Vorkriegsjugend - Widerstand dem Teutonenland [EP] lyrics & songs
Adiel Luna YouTube
Adiel Luna lyrics & songs
Dama Pirigueti YouTube
Dama Pirigueti lyrics & songs
Zeca do Rolete YouTube
Zeca do Rolete lyrics & songs
A Rede YouTube
A Rede lyrics & songs
(NEW!) Qntal YouTube
(NEW!) Qntal lyrics & songs
Alisson Menezes e a Catrupia YouTube
Alisson Menezes e a Catrupia lyrics & songs
Qntal - Qntal II YouTube
Qntal - Qntal II lyrics & songs
Banda Cascabulho YouTube
Banda Cascabulho lyrics & songs
- QNTAL YouTube
- QNTAL lyrics & songs
Raízes De Arcoverde YouTube
Raízes De Arcoverde lyrics & songs
Coco Sumner and the Ladyboys YouTube
Coco Sumner and the Ladyboys lyrics & songs
Miriam Makeba and Harry Belafonte YouTube
Miriam Makeba and Harry Belafonte lyrics & songs
Raizes De Arcoverde YouTube
Raizes De Arcoverde lyrics & songs
Depeche YouTube
Depeche lyrics & songs
Qntal II YouTube
Qntal II lyrics & songs
C.O.C.O YouTube
C.O.C.O lyrics & songs
Vorkriegsjugend - Aufstand im Ghetto YouTube
Vorkriegsjugend - Aufstand im Ghetto lyrics & songs
Jovino Santos Neto YouTube
Jovino Santos Neto lyrics & songs

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