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The cante flamenco is one of the three main components within the expression of flamenco, along with toque (playing the flamenco guitar) and baile (dance). Foreigners generally mistake the flamenco dance as being the essence of flamenco, however it is the cante which actuates the soul of this complex musical and cultural tradition. Originally flamenco was composed purely of cante with the accompaniment of palmas (hand clapping) and knuckle-rapping percussion, and it was not until the 19th century that the toque had been gradually added to the cante.

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Cante Flamenco most popular artists.

Porrina de Badajoz YouTube
Porrina de Badajoz lyrics & songs
José Parra YouTube
José Parra lyrics & songs
Maria Vargas YouTube
Maria Vargas lyrics & songs
Luis de La Pica YouTube
Luis de La Pica lyrics & songs
Jacinto Almadén YouTube
Jacinto Almadén lyrics & songs
Paco Isidro YouTube
Paco Isidro lyrics & songs
El Perro de Paterna YouTube
El Perro de Paterna lyrics & songs
Manuel Centeno YouTube
Manuel Centeno lyrics & songs
Pepe El Culata YouTube
Pepe El Culata lyrics & songs
Tomas de Perrate YouTube
Tomas de Perrate lyrics & songs
El Chozas De Jerez YouTube
El Chozas De Jerez lyrics & songs
Aurelio Sellés YouTube
Aurelio Sellés lyrics & songs
Pepita Caballero YouTube
Pepita Caballero lyrics & songs
El Chato de la Isla YouTube
El Chato de la Isla lyrics & songs
calderas de salamanca YouTube
calderas de salamanca lyrics & songs
José Palanca YouTube
José Palanca lyrics & songs
Curro Lucena YouTube
Curro Lucena lyrics & songs
Niño De León YouTube
Niño De León lyrics & songs
Lola Cabello YouTube
Lola Cabello lyrics & songs
Niño Del Museo YouTube
Niño Del Museo lyrics & songs
Repompa YouTube
Repompa lyrics & songs
José Rebollo YouTube
José Rebollo lyrics & songs
Niño de Medina YouTube
Niño de Medina lyrics & songs
Encarnación Fernández YouTube
Encarnación Fernández lyrics & songs
María La Talegona YouTube
María La Talegona lyrics & songs
Platero de Alcalá YouTube
Platero de Alcalá lyrics & songs
Cobito YouTube
Cobito lyrics & songs
Paca Aguilera YouTube
Paca Aguilera lyrics & songs
Rubia de Málaga YouTube
Rubia de Málaga lyrics & songs
Manuel Celestino Cobito YouTube
Manuel Celestino Cobito lyrics & songs
Jacinto de Almaden YouTube
Jacinto de Almaden lyrics & songs
El Canario de Colmenar YouTube
El Canario de Colmenar lyrics & songs
Manuel Cagancho YouTube
Manuel Cagancho lyrics & songs
Canario de Colmenar YouTube
Canario de Colmenar lyrics & songs
Niña De Huelva YouTube
Niña De Huelva lyrics & songs
Agustín Ferández YouTube
Agustín Ferández lyrics & songs
Pencho Cross YouTube
Pencho Cross lyrics & songs
Pepe el Pena Hijo YouTube
Pepe el Pena Hijo lyrics & songs
Tragapanes YouTube
Tragapanes lyrics & songs
Agustin Flores YouTube
Agustin Flores lyrics & songs
Rubio de Alcalá YouTube
Rubio de Alcalá lyrics & songs
Manuel González 'Guerrita' YouTube
Manuel González 'Guerrita' lyrics & songs
Niña de Malaga YouTube
Niña de Malaga lyrics & songs
Don Antonio Chacón YouTube
Don Antonio Chacón lyrics & songs
Jacinto Almaden YouTube
Jacinto Almaden lyrics & songs
Perla de Cadiz YouTube
Perla de Cadiz lyrics & songs
Luis De Córdoba YouTube
Luis De Córdoba lyrics & songs
Juanito Varea YouTube
Juanito Varea lyrics & songs
Cojo de Málaga YouTube
Cojo de Málaga lyrics & songs
David Sorroche YouTube
David Sorroche lyrics & songs

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