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Benga is a musical genre of Kenyan popular music. It evolved between the late 1940s and late 1960s, in Kenya.

In 1967, the first major benga band, Shirati Jazz, was formed by Daniel Owino Misiani. The group launched a string of hits that were East Africa's biggest songs throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

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Biography of the benga singer being played.

Benga most popular artists.

Daudi Kabaka YouTube
Daudi Kabaka lyrics & songs
Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Band YouTube
Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Band lyrics & songs
Braz-Ill YouTube
Braz-Ill lyrics & songs
D.O. Misiani YouTube
D.O. Misiani lyrics & songs
Victoria Kings YouTube
Victoria Kings lyrics & songs
Ali Akeko of Meketho Band YouTube
Ali Akeko of Meketho Band lyrics & songs
DJ D3VIL YouTube
DJ D3VIL lyrics & songs
Off White Pegasus YouTube
Off White Pegasus lyrics & songs
Goudger YouTube
Goudger lyrics & songs
Senator John Dean YouTube
Senator John Dean lyrics & songs
White5auce YouTube
White5auce lyrics & songs
FRZ YouTube
FRZ lyrics & songs
Kawere Boys Band YouTube
Kawere Boys Band lyrics & songs
v1rusmusic YouTube
v1rusmusic lyrics & songs
JoelVibes YouTube
JoelVibes lyrics & songs
TeeBoneDubstep YouTube
TeeBoneDubstep lyrics & songs
International Orchestra Safari Sound (Ndekule) YouTube
International Orchestra Safari Sound (Ndekule) lyrics & songs
Tommy Dangerous YouTube
Tommy Dangerous lyrics & songs
Ace Ov Spades YouTube
Ace Ov Spades lyrics & songs
Tom Kodiyo YouTube
Tom Kodiyo lyrics & songs
Factroyd YouTube
Factroyd lyrics & songs
RebelClef YouTube
RebelClef lyrics & songs
Ogwang Lelo Okoth with Paddy J.Onono YouTube
Ogwang Lelo Okoth with Paddy J.Onono lyrics & songs
Soulz YouTube
Soulz lyrics & songs
Samakka YouTube
Samakka lyrics & songs
Prime Equal YouTube
Prime Equal lyrics & songs
Masimba YouTube
Masimba lyrics & songs
sub villain YouTube
sub villain lyrics & songs
Limpopo International YouTube
Limpopo International lyrics & songs
Hudson W. Anekeya YouTube
Hudson W. Anekeya lyrics & songs
Daniel Owino Misiani & Shirati Jazz YouTube
Daniel Owino Misiani & Shirati Jazz lyrics & songs
Katy B/Benga YouTube
Katy B/Benga lyrics & songs
Dj Rezidue YouTube
Dj Rezidue lyrics & songs
Dubstep Rezidue YouTube
Dubstep Rezidue lyrics & songs
Shirati Jazz YouTube
Shirati Jazz lyrics & songs
D.O. Misiani & Shirati Jazz YouTube
D.O. Misiani & Shirati Jazz lyrics & songs
Heartphones YouTube
Heartphones lyrics & songs
D.O.Misiani&Shirati Luo Voice YouTube
D.O.Misiani&Shirati Luo Voice lyrics & songs
MixedBerry Music YouTube
MixedBerry Music lyrics & songs
D.O.Misiani&Shirati Luo  Voice YouTube
D.O.Misiani&Shirati Luo Voice lyrics & songs
NemoLove YouTube
NemoLove lyrics & songs
Dont Wait Animate YouTube
Dont Wait Animate lyrics & songs
Extra Golden YouTube
Extra Golden lyrics & songs
Franky Nuts YouTube
Franky Nuts lyrics & songs
LFOMG lyrics & songs
David Kibe YouTube
David Kibe lyrics & songs
Orchestra Makassy YouTube
Orchestra Makassy lyrics & songs
Staffy & Maverick YouTube
Staffy & Maverick lyrics & songs
Octave Noize YouTube
Octave Noize lyrics & songs

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