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Avant-garde music is a subjective term that can be used in different ways. In a popular, large sense it refers to any popular music which is thought to be ahead of its time, i.e. containing innovative elements or fusing different genres. Historically speaking, musicologists primarily use the term avant-garde music for the radical post-1945 tendencies of a modernist style in several genres of art music[1] after the death of Anton Webern in 1945. In the 1950s the term avant-garde music was mostly associated with serial music. Today the term may be used to refer to any other post-1945 tendency of modernist music not definable as experimental music, though sometimes including a type of experimental music characterized by the rejection of the tonal language.

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Avant Garde most popular artists.

Kai Straw YouTube
Kai Straw lyrics & songs
Nichijou YouTube
Nichijou lyrics & songs
J. Randall YouTube
J. Randall lyrics & songs
Amazing Grace YouTube
Amazing Grace lyrics & songs
Nick Elward YouTube
Nick Elward lyrics & songs
Force Theory YouTube
Force Theory lyrics & songs
Bălănescu Quartet YouTube
Bălănescu Quartet lyrics & songs
Twelves YouTube
Twelves lyrics & songs
Matt Marble YouTube
Matt Marble lyrics & songs
Вапняки Під Голим Небом YouTube
Вапняки Під Голим Небом lyrics & songs
Flux Quartet YouTube
Flux Quartet lyrics & songs
Medeski, Martin & Wood + Nels Cline YouTube
Medeski, Martin & Wood + Nels Cline lyrics & songs
The Wine, The Women and The Bomb YouTube
The Wine, The Women and The Bomb lyrics & songs
Avattara YouTube
Avattara lyrics & songs
Battle Flags YouTube
Battle Flags lyrics & songs
Daniel Alexander YouTube
Daniel Alexander lyrics & songs
Andrew Cauthen YouTube
Andrew Cauthen lyrics & songs
Peter Ivers' Band YouTube
Peter Ivers' Band lyrics & songs
Grubby Mitts YouTube
Grubby Mitts lyrics & songs
Tom Dissevelt/Kid Baltan YouTube
Tom Dissevelt/Kid Baltan lyrics & songs
Barabajagal YouTube
Barabajagal lyrics & songs
Dolphinbrain YouTube
Dolphinbrain lyrics & songs
Kleg YouTube
Kleg lyrics & songs
Las Orejas Y La Lengua YouTube
Las Orejas Y La Lengua lyrics & songs
schengen YouTube
schengen lyrics & songs
Glass Boy YouTube
Glass Boy lyrics & songs
Such YouTube
Such lyrics & songs
Eva Quartet & Hector Zazou YouTube
Eva Quartet & Hector Zazou lyrics & songs
Kristian Day YouTube
Kristian Day lyrics & songs
Arthur Brown & Vincent Crane YouTube
Arthur Brown & Vincent Crane lyrics & songs
To The Lovers, Farewell YouTube
To The Lovers, Farewell lyrics & songs
HAGIHARA YOSHIAKI lyrics & songs
Field Dress YouTube
Field Dress lyrics & songs
Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier YouTube
Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier lyrics & songs
John Trubee And The Ugly Janitors Of America YouTube
John Trubee And The Ugly Janitors Of America lyrics & songs
VeRCEttY YouTube
VeRCEttY lyrics & songs
Pascal Van den Heuvel YouTube
Pascal Van den Heuvel lyrics & songs
Hey Mother Death YouTube
Hey Mother Death lyrics & songs
Soap Revelations YouTube
Soap Revelations lyrics & songs
The Lowdown YouTube
The Lowdown lyrics & songs
Green's Restaurant YouTube
Green's Restaurant lyrics & songs
r.mut YouTube
r.mut lyrics & songs
Areola YouTube
Areola lyrics & songs
John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson YouTube
John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson lyrics & songs
Inferzenal YouTube
Inferzenal lyrics & songs
We Are Like the Spider YouTube
We Are Like the Spider lyrics & songs
Yellow Bellied SapSuckers YouTube
Yellow Bellied SapSuckers lyrics & songs
Seth Gordon YouTube
Seth Gordon lyrics & songs
fockea crispa YouTube
fockea crispa lyrics & songs
Sea Creature YouTube
Sea Creature lyrics & songs

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