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Austropop is a musical movement, which started in Austria in the middle of the 1970s. However, Austropop is not much of a specific style, it is more a trademark of origin, because musicians of various styles, such as rock, Neue Deutsche Welle, New Folk and more recently perhaps Pop, are counted as Austropop artists, while Schlager is not. Contrary to common belief, not all Austropop-lyrics are written in dialect, many are in fact Standard-German or even English.

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Austropop most popular artists.

STS YouTube
STS lyrics & songs
Wolfgang Ambros YouTube
Wolfgang Ambros lyrics & songs
Rainhard Fendrich YouTube
Rainhard Fendrich lyrics & songs
Georg Danzer YouTube
Georg Danzer lyrics & songs
Peter Cornelius YouTube
Peter Cornelius lyrics & songs
Austria 3 YouTube
Austria 3 lyrics & songs
Papermoon YouTube
Papermoon lyrics & songs
Seer YouTube
Seer lyrics & songs
Stefanie Werger YouTube
Stefanie Werger lyrics & songs
Ostbahn Kurti & Die Chefpartie YouTube
Ostbahn Kurti & Die Chefpartie lyrics & songs
Ausseer Hardbradler YouTube
Ausseer Hardbradler lyrics & songs
Wilfried YouTube
Wilfried lyrics & songs
Sigi Maron YouTube
Sigi Maron lyrics & songs
Kurt Ostbahn & Die Kombo YouTube
Kurt Ostbahn & Die Kombo lyrics & songs
Die Seer YouTube
Die Seer lyrics & songs
Hansi Lang YouTube
Hansi Lang lyrics & songs
Boris Bukowski YouTube
Boris Bukowski lyrics & songs
Maria Bill YouTube
Maria Bill lyrics & songs
Joesi Prokopetz YouTube
Joesi Prokopetz lyrics & songs
Krixi, Kraxi und die Kroxn YouTube
Krixi, Kraxi und die Kroxn lyrics & songs
Ostbahn Kurti YouTube
Ostbahn Kurti lyrics & songs
Hansi Dujmic YouTube
Hansi Dujmic lyrics & songs
Franz Morak YouTube
Franz Morak lyrics & songs
Bilgeri YouTube
Bilgeri lyrics & songs
Zabine YouTube
Zabine lyrics & songs
Carl Peyer YouTube
Carl Peyer lyrics & songs
Kurt Sowinetz YouTube
Kurt Sowinetz lyrics & songs
Johann K. YouTube
Johann K. lyrics & songs
Die Buben im Pelz YouTube
Die Buben im Pelz lyrics & songs
Die Echten YouTube
Die Echten lyrics & songs
Kurti Ostbahn YouTube
Kurti Ostbahn lyrics & songs
Alexander Goebel YouTube
Alexander Goebel lyrics & songs
Ulli Bäer YouTube
Ulli Bäer lyrics & songs
Manuel Rubey YouTube
Manuel Rubey lyrics & songs
Wolfgang Ambros & Georg Danzer YouTube
Wolfgang Ambros & Georg Danzer lyrics & songs
Sandra Pires YouTube
Sandra Pires lyrics & songs
Misthaufen YouTube
Misthaufen lyrics & songs
mike supancic YouTube
mike supancic lyrics & songs
Klaus Eberhartinger & Die Gruftgranaten YouTube
Klaus Eberhartinger & Die Gruftgranaten lyrics & songs
Klaus Trabitsch und Freunde YouTube
Klaus Trabitsch und Freunde lyrics & songs
Michael Tschuggnall YouTube
Michael Tschuggnall lyrics & songs
Tom Pettings Hertzattacken YouTube
Tom Pettings Hertzattacken lyrics & songs
John Fox Band YouTube
John Fox Band lyrics & songs
Kottan's Kapelle YouTube
Kottan's Kapelle lyrics & songs
The Liener & King Experience YouTube
The Liener & King Experience lyrics & songs
Dew Mitch YouTube
Dew Mitch lyrics & songs
Nik P. & Reflex YouTube
Nik P. & Reflex lyrics & songs
Ambros, Tauchen, Fälbl YouTube
Ambros, Tauchen, Fälbl lyrics & songs
Peter Meyer YouTube
Peter Meyer lyrics & songs
ambros wolfgang YouTube
ambros wolfgang lyrics & songs

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